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L'Mira Ethnique's' Long Dress, Blouse, Square Hijab, Pants & Tunic Collections Online
L'Mira Ethnique's' Long Dress, Blouse, Square Hijab, Pants & Tunic Collections Online

Fashion lovers wants their fashion to be a masterpiece that could provide a unique blend and touch of the women’s clothing. It is what L'Mira Ethnique try to offer. They give a charming blend and combination between contemporary designs with traditional elements in it. Fashion product is presented to be so beautiful and charming. This brand was established by Jetc Elmir which is one of the Muslim fashion brand in Indonesia that is giving a special attention to the local and regional craftsmen. They offer a wide scope of fashion for Muslim women everyday needs, pregnancy fashion and nursing mothers fashion, up to a products for plus-size women. Of course, these products are made to support everyday look of women in formal and casual events.

This brand is inspired by a diverse cultures that exist in Indonesia, so that a variety of fashion products gives a very nice blend between modernity and the traditional ethnic. By presenting a variety of products that have a modern design and cutting, Muslim women will look much more fashionable and stylish even though she’s wearing a hijab. In addition, with a touch of traditional elements and motifs that is applied in some fashion products, it will enhance the look of these clothes that look more elegant and charming. Fashion models that are presented also include a variety of types ranging from women tops, trouser, dress, outwear, long coat, abayas, jacket, shawl neck, and others. With many choice of fashion products from L'Mira Ethnique, Muslim women will have more opportunity to show the best fashion style and perfect in diverse occasions.

Wearing several collections of this brand will get you familiar with a traditional cultures that exist in Indonesia. You can recognize the woven fabric, songket, cloth gloves, and a variety of motives or accents that reflect the culture of the local community. You will be proud of what you wear because the look and the design. These clothing products are fully compatible with today's modern fashion. You can find a variety of products available by visiting, the best muslim fashion site. You can find a fashionable and modern fashion. Moreover, you should not miss the opportunity to collect Muslim fashion clothes from L'Mira Ethnique that not only modern, but also rich with elements of traditional culture that is so captivating.