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Terms and Conditions

Product Availability

Every product in HIJUP.COM is available as long as not marked "Sold Out". If the product is already sold out or out of stock, and if it will be restocked, you can ask to receive a notification email when the product is already available. You can also follow our twitter@hijup or facebook to receive information about restock.

We will always keep our system well working in order to give you better services. If accidentally you order an item that’s out of stock, it will be canceled and you will be informed via email or phone. If your product has been canceled and you’ve paid, you will be given the option to choose another product or to receive your money back.


Any purchase which is already "packed" or "shipped" cannot be cancelled. HIJUP.COM affords the Item Return only if the items are incorrect. For more details, please read the Item Return policy below.


Payment shall be made after customer booked the item at HIJUP.COM (checkout) within a period time that show at Payment/Confirmation page. If buyer has not made payment within the mentioned time, the transaction will be automatically canceled, and the items are returned to the system. Closing payment on HIJUP.COM is made ​​within a maximum of 2 hours after the buyer confirms the money transferring on working hours and working days.

We accept payment by Credit Card via PayPal. If you have credit card, it is not necessary for you to have paypal account.

You can pay the GRAND TOTAL in USD (US$) to our PayPal account by clicking the "Checkout via PayPal" button.

Once we receive your payment, we will confirm your payment and your status order will be set to "Confirmed" within a maximum 2 working hours on working days. Once we confirm your payment, we will send your order the next day.

Delivery and Shipping

The item will be delivered within a day at the fastest shipping option on working days of the payment confirmation. The period of delivery depends on the delivery service used. The delivery services are responsible for the item shipping upon the item acceptance by them.

  1. Shipping Fee

    Shipping fee depends on location you’re in and weight of the items you’re purchasing.

  2. Shipping Duration

    Shipping duration to International Buyers will be estimated by the location. If you want to track your shipment, please send email to customer@hijup.com.

Order Status

You can check the status of your order by click "Confirm / Track Order". Here's a description of each status:

  1. New

    "New" means you have made an order on the desired product. We will send you an email regarding the total expenses you need to pay. There will be more detail explanation about how you can make the payment.

    Attention: "New" status will last not longer than 1×12 hours after your order has been made. As products will be sold on a first–pay first–serve basis, your order will be automatically cancelled by system if payment and confirmation is not made within 1×12 hours from the time you ordered. HIJUP.COM is operated with a highly organized automated system, therefore you need to do payment confirmation after your payment succeeds. Click "Confirm Payment" button on your order track/confirmation page. This will automatically tell our system that you have made payment via transfer to our PayPal account. Click the icon "Confirm Payment" as defined and enter your order ID. Once we receive your payment, we will send your order on the next day or earlier.

  2. Confirmation Requested

    Once you "Confirm Payment", your status will be automatically changed to "Confirm Requested". This means that you have told us that you are making payment in accordance to previous instruction. After that our team will check on your payment.

  3. Confirmed

    "Confirmed" means HIJUP.COM team have checked and have received your payment. We will verify your payment and ship your order within 1–2 working days after your payment confirmation.

  4. Packed

    "Packed" means your orders have been packed and processed to delivery services.

  5. Delivered

    "Delivered" means your items have been delivered to the delivery service to be sent to the address you registered.

Customer Service

HIJUP.COM will only assist questions from customers regarding technical problems of item purchasing and delivery. Any questions about items will be forwarded to Tenants and it shall then be the responsibility of the Tenant. Any questions about payment and item delivery through online contact form on HIJUP.COM will be replied/forwarded no later than a half working day (4 hours).

Return and Exchange

We do not accept any product return/exchange for international service. Please make sure your order fits (size, color, etc).