What is HIJUP Point?

See the symbol on the top menu? That symbol shows your HIJUP Point. You can use your to purchase any product on HIJUP.com. Point can only be used for full purchases only so you cannot combine HIJUP Point with other payment methods. With HIJUP Point, shopping is easier and faster.

How to get HIJUP Point

Shopping at HIJUP.com

You will get Point by purchasing any non discounted products from HIJUP. Pay your order using bank transfer, credit card/PayPal, or mandiri clickpay.

How to use HIJUP Point?

For every purchase of $2.50 (not including shipping fee), you will get 1 Point with a value of $0.10. Your points will be added after we have confirmed your payment.

Payment with HIJUP Point can only be done for Full Purchases. You should have enough Point to pay the Grand Total of your order (on every single order code). The Grand Total of your order is the sum of all product prices and shipping fee.

Payment with HIJUP Point cannot be combined with other payment methods such as Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit Card, or mandiri clickpay.

Point Rates may change at any time based on currency value.

Sample case: Riana is shopping at HIJUP.com, she placed an order with ID "mkdc3" and pays $200.0 (shipping fee not included). She will automatically get 80 Point. On the next day, she is able to purchase an item with a total value of $8.00 (shipping fee included) with her Point.