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Sweater Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Sweater Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

In winter, people needs warm clothes like jacket or sweater. Though there’s no winter in Indonesia, people still wear it, especially on “more cold” area. Sweater is not only useful as warm clothes, but also an item to support your look. Sweater has one typical model, which is made from wool. Along with the development of time, people make sweater from cotton and chiffon. Sweater has 3 models; which are cardigan, pullover and vest.

Cardigan is a top with long sleeve and opened in the front part, commonly using buttons or zipper. This cardigan also known as jumper or hoodie.

Pullover is a top without buttons or zipper. It can be with or without sleeve. So to wear it, you just pull it through your head. This type of cardigan is often used by men.

Vest has the same shape with cardigan, only without sleeve. Often used as outerwear.

Sweater’s History

Since centuries ago, sweater already exist, but started to well-known since 1930. At the beginning, sweater hoodie (with hat) is more common. At that time, sweater was produced by Champiaon in New York for workers in winter time. Then, at 1990, sweater hoodie was started to loved by many people as hiphop singers make it famous. Since then, sweater was becoming a trendy cloth for youngsters.

Where to Buy Sweaters

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Basic Sweater Hoodie PriceIDR 159,000,-
Sweater Dumbo Pinky PriceIDR 239,000,-
Sweater Dumbo Stripe PriceIDR 239,000,-
Mybamus Cahari Mix Square Sweater Black M16097 R18S2 PriceIDR 88,000,-
Sweatshirt Donald Kick PriceIDR 239,000,-
Sweater Dumbo TLS PriceIDR 239,000,-
Sweater Dumbo Circus PriceIDR 239,000,-
Windy Sweater - Beige PriceIDR 495,000,-
Windy Sweater - Pink PriceIDR 495,000,-
Sweater Dumbo Denim PriceIDR 239,000,-
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