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Dhatu Rembulan : Keep On Spirit with Hijab


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In this afternoon, we will give you a review from #HijUpTalk session with Dhatu Rembulan. She is a blogger on as well as a hijab fashion blogger who was one of jurors for #MyHijUp held in September 2012.

So, let’s check this one out..


1. Since when @dhaturembulan started wearing hijab and what made you wear it? #HijUpTalk

I’ve been wearing hijab since August 2010. As I know it’s obligatory, ready or not, like it or not, I have to wear it. :) At first, I consulted to many people, I learned to wear hijab as sincere as I can until it totally became a part of my life. We can increase our love to Allah and Islam by sincerely wearing hijab.

2. Please tell us your current activities, what do you do? :)@dhaturembulan #HijUpTalk

After working for 2 years as a full-timer employee at Metro TV, now I enjoy working from home, hi hi… I’m now working as a Brand Ambassador and Finance Responsible of @CasaElana. I have blog as well on together with my friend @fetarais. We also have plan to publish a book soon. :)

3.  What exactly led @dhaturembulan to #HijUpTalk is firstly a personal diary; it is a blog which tells @fetarais’ and me daily activities… By times, the reader’s good responses on our blog made it as a blog which everyone can take benefit of sharing their experience of wearing hijab.

4.  Then, why @dhaturembulan decided to choose @utysays_, @deedewieq and @nimenany as the winners of #MyHijUp? #HijUpTalk

I feel like sharing common fashion taste with @utysays as I like wearing denim and bretel as well. She looks young, smart and chic. As for @deedewieq, I feel so surprised for huge support she got, many people like her. 😀 Her green and yellow combo is just perfect. Colors make us happy :) Then, my reason why I choosed @nimenany is because she’s very consistent, I salute her, she’s so confident, creative and cool. So inspiring.
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5. In your opinion as a fashion blogger, what kind of photos is appropriate to be displayed on a fashion blog? #HijUpTalk

Nooo, I feel shy if you call me a fashion blogger as my fashion insights are yet nice, he he… But anyway, to post something on social media takes a big responsibility, no matter what it is, either we share photos and writing, we should always make sure whether it is a good thing or not, whether it leads to negative impact or not or it will bring us to good benefit as well as it will harm other people or not, we should think before posting. Plus, as a muslimah wearing hijab, we need to be smart and wise as even a photo can lead to many positive and negative comments out there. :)

But keep on spirit in wearing hijab! The formula is: positive energy + smile  = happiness #MyHijUp @HijUp #HijUpTalk

Ok. Now we are waiting for friends’s questions or comments.. Feel free to ask to @dhaturembulan. Don’t forget to put on #HijUpTalk as hashtag, ok! :)

S.A.Mutsiiroh ?@iierrrr

@dhaturembulan, have you ever felt inconfident when you wore hijab for the first time? #HijUpTalk @HijUp

Of course I have, at the very first time. I also once cried when somebody made fun of my appearance with hijab. But, after finding a lot of good things about hijab now I feel very confident. :) @iierrrr @HijUp #HijUpTalk

@dhaturembulan, I heard that wearing hijab with “cepol” is prohibited in Islam, what do you think? @HijUp #HijUpTalk

I have no detailed idea about it but in term of medical view, wearing cepol isn’t good for our head and neck health. So, it is better not to wear it.@Hatchiboo @HijUp #HijUpTalk

Thanks a lot @dhaturembulan for your time on #HijUpTalk ! Hope our conversation will inspire all of us. :)


——————————— with love, Hijup —————————————

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