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Mrs. Ligwina Hananto : Money = Tool, Enough


Hi everyone :)

On this session of #HijUpTalk, we had a very special guest from outside our normal scope of fashion and beauty. That day, we invited Ligwina Hananto who is a professional financial planner and the CEO of QM Financial. Some of you might have seen her on national television or have read her articles in local magazines. You can pretty much say that she is the woman who have inspired others in managing  ‘bling’ better in Indonesia.

So, without further ado, let’s see what we have learnt from her in our brief session.

ligwina hananto

1. Firstly this is a compulsory question from HijUp. Since when have you worn the hijab and why?

Exactly this May is my 7th anniversary wearing the hijab. Alhamdulillah. Why wear the hijab? It’s because it is mandatory in Islam. Period. I have known about it all along but it was in May 2005 when I complied hehe :p. That day I felt that all of my achievements as a modern and educated woman wouldn’t be accounted at “the judgement”.

Subhanallah…a shuddering answer. 😀

2. Next question, let’s focus on finance shall we ;). Since when were you attracted to finance?

In primary school I was always the treasurer. In senior high school I had a goal of becoming a business woman who can manage people’s money.

3. Why are you interested in finance?

This is because with financial planning you can help people learn to cherish what they have attained.

4. Why do muslimahs need to learn financial planning?

Women should play an important role in the family’s financial decision making.

If you want to be involved in financial decision making, then why not increase your knowledge? Learn financial planning so that you will have a meaningful discussion with your husband.

5. According to you, what financial principles that every Indonesian muslimah should have?

The principle that I use is Honesty, money = tool, that’s all.

Honesty. Are we living the lifestyle we deserve? Perhaps we have an awesome appearance but in reality it’s all a lie and inside we are actually in lots of debt.

MONEY = TOOL. It is an official means of payment, not the main goal. Therefore we don’t collect money for no reason. Money should benefit us for a better life.

It is the idea of ENOUGH. I am not interested in RICH. Enough is when the money comes when it is needed. Therefore, it is planned. What is enough now can have a different meaning tomorrow.

I hope that the principle of honesty (honesty, money = tool, enough) can avoid us from the intention of knocking on greed’s door :)

Wow,  a very awe-inspiring answer. :)

 The principle of honesty

During the talk we also had our followers ask questions.

The first one was @zarathezara who asked: Ms. Ligwina, what steps are necessary for us to take in order to start financial planning?

The Financial Planning steps are:

Manage cashflow.

Decide on your goal.

Learn about the product.



Managing cashflow: try to document every expense that you will make for the next 30 days. It might be difficult at first, but in the end you know where the money went to.

Deciding your goal: women normally think that men are the shining knights who will save them. What happens if they don’t manage money well? Here, we can aslo play that part.

Learning the product does take time. Therefore, we need to open our minds, read, listen and learn morefrom the experts.

In regards to action and review = carry out the cashflow and purchases of products, then check the performance.

The second question was from @Deenous:  What sort of training in financial planning that future mothers and wives should have?

Last April on the 21st, QM Financialorganised a Financial Plan Seminar and Workshop especially for women. There will be more events in the near future, just wait and see 😉

For more information on our events you can check out our website at


Lastly, @esnaa asks: How many percent should we allocate for shopping?

I suggest not to count in percentage but have a seperate bank account for shopping. Only shop if there is still money in the account ;).


Meantime, during the #HijUpTalk, numerous feedback and comments came pouring in. Here are some of them:

Tuning into @HiJup timeline, hopefully I can be a pious future wife who is smart in managing finance amiin. 😀 – Ririn Andarwati ?@ririndcky

It is exciting to read #HijUpTalk on@HijUp. The topic is interesting and they have a credible source. –  Julian Sukmana Putra ?@juliansputra

Reading @HijUp’s interview with @mrshananto on #HijUpTalk, hopefully we can become muslimahs who can manage the family’s finance well and do not become uneconomical^^ – ? SOL_Flower ? ?@_m3yna

Alhamdulillah… this had been a very useful talk for us ladies indeed. Thank you Ligwina Hananto (@mrshananto) for your time on#HijUpTalk . We hope that this session has inspired us all.

————————————— with love, Hijup ———————————————

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