Happa by Mel Ahyar

Scarf Square Namba



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About Product

The cultural fusion of tibetan lady molded in every look of "LADY LAMA'', by releasing this collection, happa is transferring messages for all women to face their insecurity with bravery, modesty and reminds silence. the colors, the silhouette and the details of beads and illustration are inspired by the cultural life of tibetan

Happa by Mel Ahyar

The development of a line fashion world is very fast. Happa by Mel Ahyar is one of the brands that enlivens the developments of a fashion world, especially for Moslem women’s clothing. For a fashion designer, when they succeeded in presenting a work that could well received by fashion lovers with all its uniqueness and characteristic, it certainly will be a pride. This is why every designer will always strive to present the latest fashion styles and theme respectively. This year, Mel Ahyar, which...