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Maja Indonesia

Pruna Coat



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About Product

Pruna Coat will help you to accomplish the sleek and professional look to your important day at work! Match it with audrey skirt to get the perfect combination

Maja Indonesia

It all begins from a lack of products that's suitable for working muslimah. There are a lot of other brand that sells working clothes, but does it covers your body in a way that's according to shari'ah guidance? And if that's so, does it gives you the quality and the professional look you want? We don't think it's easy to find such products, so we make Maja. Maja goes with edgy - feminine style, with a simple design. You'll never find Maja's clothes too girly or too 'busy'. Maja's shillouette...
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    Bust:90 cm
    Front Length:87 cm
    Sleeve Length:57 cm
    Back Length:87 cm