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New Inara Tunic Dark Green for HIJUP
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Tunic Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Tunic Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Tunic is a type of cloth that is well known in fashion industry. Tunic has a loose size and considered “big” for the wearer. In indonesia, Tunic is often wore for a muslim clothes as the size is loose and can fully cover the wearer’s body, from the chest, hips, to the legs. Along with the development of fashion industry, tunic is made with a variety of model and designs, and many women love it. There’s also a modern tunic that is made without sleeve that could be worn as a cardigan or blazer.

Tunic’s History

In the past, tunic was known as tunika, which is a women’s clothes from egypt pre-historic era. Tunic was a kind of clothes that was worn below the chest and had a rope to the shoulder. As time goes by, tunic was made into a variety of models, at that time, a midi dress that has a knee-length. This type of tunic is called Tunic Talaris. Tunic Talaris was worn by Egypt palace. Then, Tunic was brought to Aceh by Pakistani along with the emerge of Islam in this province. Then, tunic was modified for a muslim wear, often called “baju kurung”.

For some people, tunic is an old style cloth that doesn’t have shape. However, now, tunic is made with a lot of models to get more interest.

Where to Buy Tunic?

No need to worry, to get a tunic is an easy thing! There’s a lot of offline and online store that sell tunic. But, if you want to get a high quality tunic with newest model from high-end local brand, you should visit HIJUP.com. At HIJUP.com, you will find any a lot of tunic models you can choose. So what are you waiting for? Visit HIJUP.om now!

Price List Tunic Dec 2023
New Inara Tunic Dark Green for HIJUPIDR 321,750
Mira DressIDR 119,600
Mybamus Dasha Stripe Tunik Oversize – Atasan Knit Jumbo WanitaIDR 79,500
Mybamus Kanza Playfull Tunik Knit - Atasan Kekinian - Atasan Wanita KnittedIDR 77,000
Mybamus Candy Tunik Knit Oversize - Atasan Wanita KnittedIDR 75,000
Mybamus x Gilda Priyadi (Free Belt) Polo Midi Dress – Tunik Oversize WanitaIDR 94,900
Mybamus Shea Oversize Tunic - Atasan WanitaIDR 104,000
Joy Tunic - Maroon ZRNIDR 210,000
Alesha Flo Tunic - Mocca ZRNIDR 150,000
Laffa Zia Tunic - Black ZRNIDR 325,000
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