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Long Skirt Cotton Ayana Black
IDR 120,000,-
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Skirt Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Skirt Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping
"Beshara" more focused on the games ornaments and details on certain parts such as lace, applications, tape, etc., as a sweetener elements, so the dress becomes more beautiful, elegant, but still feminine and understated. And refined with the materials and stitching that quality, make clothes more comfortable to wear and look at. That is the reason for the selection of the name "Beshara" which in Arabic means 'good news', which give the best to the customers and the customers.
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Long Skirt Cotton Ayana BlackIDR 120,000
Long Skirt Cotton Ayana BrownIDR 120,000
Long Skirt Cotton Ayana OliveIDR 120,000
Mybamus Tasya Satin Wrap Skirt – Rok Lilit Sage Green M17237 R88S6IDR 59,000
New Pleats Skirt LemonIDR 175,000
DEFECT / SALE Long Skirt Denim AuroraIDR 269,000
Pleats Skirt Caramel A & PinkIDR 99,000
Pleats Skirt Black & PinkIDR 99,000
Basic Linen SkirtIDR 249,900
Juno SkirtIDR 260,000
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