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Bawal Shawl Dark Grey
Lozy Hijab
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Scarf Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Scarf Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

What Is Scarf?

Scarf is a piece of fabric that often used in winter. Many says that scarf is used only in Europe. However, as time goes by, scarf is used as accessories to support women’s look, even used as hijab for muslim women, known as pashmina. Scarf is a long piece of fabric that made of chiffon, wollfis, etc. For these recent years, scarf becoming a trend for women’s fashion, but not all women fits it. For example, for those who have a short neck, it’s the best if they don’t twist it in their neck because it will make their neck look shorter. Instead, they may use it on the hips.

Scarf History

Almost all type of clothes is exist since a long time ago, but as time goes, those type of clothes is evolving and becoming better in shape, models and quality. Actually, scarf is already been around since Roman times. In the past, they use to call it as Sudarium, means sweat cloth. They call it Sudarium because they used to use it to wipe their sweat. Scarf, in the past, was often used by men when they do “rough” work. The, scarf started to be used by women in their neck. Women starts making scarf from wool and silk for winter.

At the beginning of 19th and 20th century, scarf becoming the a fashion accessories that is often used by men and women. Now, people use it on their neck and as hijab for covering muslim women’s hair. No wonder, because today’s scarf has many unique designs and models.

Where to buy Scarf?

It is easy to get a scarf . There are many offline store selling scarf. However, you can choose online shop to save time and energy. Just go to HIJUP.com, a fashion e-commerce that has a good quality from famous brands. Lets shop at HIJUP.com!

Price List Scarf Sep 2023
Bawal Shawl Dark GreyIDR 89,000
Kamala Taupe (Voal Square)IDR 275,000
Kamala Off White (Voal Square)IDR 275,000
Kamala Avocado (Voal Square)IDR 275,000
Kamala Navy (Voal Square)IDR 275,000
Kamala Lilac (Voal Square)IDR 275,000
Kamala Black (Voal Square)IDR 275,000
Garden - Twilight BlueIDR 199,000
Garden - TurtledoveIDR 199,000
Garden - NightIDR 199,000
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