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Scarf Cap
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IDR 55,000,-
Set Rayya Ciput
IDR 89,000,-
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IDR 22,000,-
IDR 40,000,-
IDR 22,000,-
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Scarf Cap Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Scarf Cap Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

For those of you who are familiar with variety items of fashion for hijab, you may already be familiar with what is called as ciput. Ciput an inner hijab that sometimes is often taken for granted by most people even though the role is very important. Ciput can help to keep hair neatly tucked behind a veil. Additionally, these items can also help keep the hijab remains neat and not messy at the top of the head so that your appearance will also look charming and perfect. Moreover, ciput is useful to improve the shape of the face. Seeing some of the roles and function of this item, choosing the right products would be an important thing to do. In addition to give the perfect look, this ciput will also make you more comfortable when wearing the hijab.

Currently, you can find many selection of models and design of ciput to support the fashion hijab style. You can find ciput using pet/hat, Arabic ciput without a pet/hat, anti chubby ciput, and ciput with bun. Each type and model of the ciput gives different functions and influences when worn on your face. To choose ciput, you should choose according to face shape. For those of you who have a round face shape, you are better-suited wearing Arabic ciput without a pet. This kind of ciput is very practical and able to cover the neck and nape of the neck so that you will be more flexible to make the hijab creation. However, the ciput model is less suitable when you’re in hot weather because it will make you feel swelter. On the other hand, for those of you who have a thin face, you will be freer in choosing ciput matching to the shape of the face. One ciput type that is suitable for you who have a narrow face is bandana-model ciput.

For those of you that have oval and square face, you can use Arab ciput. In addition, you can also use ciput with a pet to give a touch of more fashionable on your hijab style. For the square face, you should wear ciput with a pet and a bun to give the impression of a longer and oval on your face. Besides choosing ciput that match with the shape of the face, you should also choose ciput with comfortable material and quality in order to be comfortable in doing your activities.

You can find a wide selection of hijab at HIJUP.com as one of the sites for online hijab that will support your appearance so that you will look more fashionable and stylish.

Price List Scarf Cap Jan 2023
Set Rayya CiputIDR 55,000
Inner Neck KerutIDR 89,000
Premium Inner Turki BlackIDR 22,000
Premium Inner Turki CedarIDR 22,000
2 in1 Ninja Inner Rayon Premium Non-Resleting Black & HazelnutIDR 129,000
Haera Ciput Karet SilverIDR 35,000
Inner Ninja PremiumIDR 35,000
Ciput Dalaman HijabIDR 15,000
Basic Ciput NudeIDR 39,900
Antem NinjaIDR 87,500
Data updated on 1/31/2023