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Pants Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Pants Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Nowadays, you can find more models of pants to look more stylish, beautiful and fashionable like bell-bottoms, jogger, slim fit, palazzo, straight, etc. Hijab users choose to wear pants, especially when they do activities outside the home so they can be freer to move around comfortably. Although the use of the pants are allowed to be worn by hijab wearer, there are several things to notice.

You should choose pants as part of fashion clothes with a loose model. However, when you want to wear tight pants, you can combine these pants with long tops like long tunic or long outer so that the lower body will be covered. Additionally, for hijab users, you should have some basic pants collection to be mix and matched with other types of clothing. In choosing pants model, you should also pay attention to the model and design of tops you will wear. When you wear tight tops, you can combine with loose pants. On the other hand, when you are wearing fit pants, you can choose a model with loose tops. This is to avoid the impression of overlap, especially for those that have a short posture.

For hijab users, you can choose pants and tops with opposite colour. Selection the opposite colour would give the impression of a fresh, modern, and attractive. However, in this case, you should make something as a counterweight such as wearing a hijab that more neutral color. The selection of bottoms or tops that will make you look perfect should also be supported by various other components of fashions ranging from shoes, handbags, or other accessories. This is to bring a great overall appearance.

Even though you wear the hijab, it certainly does not mean that you will have limitations to make style innovation and creativity. There are more pants designs available in the market that will make you easy to find one that is suitable for your style. You can visit HIJUP.com to shop online and find a wide selection of pants will make you look perfect.

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Crinkle Cullote BrownIDR 285,000
Crinkle Cullote BlackIDR 285,000
Alma Pants - SageIDR 495,000
Alma Pants - NavyIDR 495,000
Alma Pants - Light PinkIDR 495,000
Alma Pants - CamelIDR 495,000
MFMW Ambrose Celana Panjang Kulot Maroon Motif Etnik ModernIDR 300,000
Cleo PantsIDR 208,000
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