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Instant Hijab
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IDR 189,000,-
Allev Instant French Khimar Shofia - Abu Tua
Allev Official Store
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IDR 63,200,-
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Instan Shawl Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Instan Shawl Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Nowadays, you can find more selection of products to support your hijab styles. You could also consider opting for instant shawl to support your appearance on various occasions. Hijab item selection is becoming increasingly popular because anyone can look fashionable in simple way. She will not be difficult to bring the hijab creations that will support their appearance. In the past, the appearance of Muslim women who wear the hijab looks so simple, rather old-fashioned, and monotonous. However, this time, the hijab users can perform more stylish without worrying about breaking the “rules”. With the option of instant shawl, women who want to use the hijab could look fashionable with something practical and simple.

Most hijab women choose instant shawl to support their appearance as they see the use of this product is simple and practical but could present a quite modern and fashionable vibe. The presence of instant shawl item has become one of the proofs that hijab trend is getting very popular nowadays. Many Muslim women choose to wear this hijab in a variety of activities and even to work, school, or other activities. The use of instant shawl is not only for you who are young and stylish, the product is also suitable for all people depending on the model and style offered. Instant shawl choice are more varied today, it is very possible for anyone to look fashionable in clothing, combined with the hijab.

You can choose the patterned instant shawl for fashion hijab style that is more fashionable and attractive. Using hijab with plain colours will make you look pale and monotonous. However, when you are wearing a long dress with a many patterns, choose hijab with plain colours. In this case, you can choose one colour that is quite dominant in your clothes that you wear. Even if you wear an instant shawl, you should still pay attention to the selection of the materials used. You should choose a hijab with a comfortable material like chiffon.

Even if you wear the hijab instant that usually has been formed with a certain style, you can add additional accessories to give more attractive look. You can find a diverse collection of instant shawl with diverse variations and creations in HIJUP.com. Choosing online hijab store became one of the best options to find products that can support your appearance in everyday life.

Price List Instant Hijab Dec 2022
Allev Instant French Khimar Shofia - Abu TuaIDR 189,000
Daily Instant Bergo Malaiqa - EvergreenIDR 63,200
Mano Instan RayonIDR 69,000
Lavish Instant Hijab NADH By Nadhira (bergo syari lasercut) - MiloIDR 125,000
Royal Instant Pashmina NADH By Nadhira - Navy BlueIDR 125,000
Bergo kalikaIDR 98,000
Bergo TulipIDR 65,000
Fatima Khimar Instan Hijab Syari Two Way CreamyIDR 41,400
Syafa Instan Hijab Syari Double Layer Khimar DenimIDR 39,000
Khimar Layer Instan Hijab Syari NudeIDR 30,000
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