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Leticia Silk Outer Vol. 2 Black
Benang Hijab
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Blazer Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

Blazer Collections - Muslim Clothing Online Shopping

With the development of the fashion world today, we can find more choices of women clothing that can be applied to support the appearance everyday. One of them is women’s blazer. This fashion item is not only a part to support your appearance when you are going to the office but also can be used for a more casual look. You can combine casual clothes that you wear with a blazer when you are planning for a hangout in a mall. It will make you look different and more fashionable.

Nowadays, you can find more blazer models on the market. Moreover, every model and design will surely bring a different impression on your appearance. In addition, the selection of blazer colour also has a very important role so that you can give a different impression and aura in your style. Any Fashions combined with blazer can influence make your appearance becoming more formal. However, when the blazer paired with a T-shirt and jeans, this will certainly give a different impression. With some of the differences, you should be smart in choosing the model and colour of blazer to make your look becoming more stylish.

You can choose working blazer. Even so, you might not wear the blazer only at work. You can combine work blazer with a plain white women shirt and jeans with a pencil bottom to bring fashionable appearance when taking a walk with friends around shopping center.Other choice, you can also consider choosing a boyfriend blazer. This type of blazer is having a large size, as if it is for men. Blazer is also suitable as an option to be combined with a dress or gown that has a casual style.

For those of you who have a rather short body shape, you can consider choosing crop blazer, a shorter blazer, so that you won’t look too tiny. By knowing the various blazer models and designs that exist today, you will be easier to determine the right type of blazer. You can find the latest blazer collections at HIJUP.com, which is a site of online fashion store with a wide selection of quality products, and the prices were very reasonable, with a high quality products.

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Leticia Silk Outer Vol. 2 BlackIDR 279,000
Leticia Silk Outer Vol. 2 Dusty BlueIDR 279,000
Leticia Silk Outer Vol. 2 Green SageIDR 279,000
Leticia Silk Outer Vol. 2 NudeIDR 279,000
Wina Outer - OT156.BYLIDR 299,000
Everly Monogram Blazer - TaupeIDR 1,475,000
Outer Pamela - TP012.MOSIDR 172,900
Blazer Denim WinaIDR 299,000
Alura Pleated Blazer - WhiteIDR 895,000
Aaliya Blazer - RaspberryIDR 895,000
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