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Each designer or brand of Muslim fashions certainly has a mission and objectives to be achieved when appearing to the market. When coming up to a Muslim fashion world, Kami Idea has a mission to provide solutions for the active and dynamic Muslim. They want to help Muslim women to look stylish and fashionable in her hijab. Fashion style that is carried by the brand is simple. However, they also adding ornament and distinctive accents that will make the items looking unique and fascinating.

Trend fashion with simply casual style is very popular in the market. Nevertheless, every designer has to find a way to look different and interesting. This is also done in the Kami Idea. They are trying to present a simple yet unique clothing with their asymmetrical cuts and ruffle at the sleeves to give more interesting look.

You should also take a look of Kami Idea’s headscarf models. The style ranged from rectangular hijab, to shawl with a choice of plain colour and motif. Materials used for the hijab is also diverse. Choose your favorite!

The choice of colours used in the products of Kami Idea is using earthy colours and floral motifs, such as line, flowers, and Africana. The colours used are natural colours and warm colours. Selection of these colours will fit for all seasons for both summer and rainy season. The model presented is also very suitable for active and dynamic women but did not appear too feminine or rigid.

As one Muslim fashion brand that wants active women look good at home, at work, or on other activities, this brand also presents some special clothing collection for breastfeeding mothers. It can provide comfort and ease for breastfeeding mothers, yet still stylish, fashionable and modern. You can find the most diverse fashion hijab collection of Kami Idea brand by visiting the website that is one of the online shopping sites for a variety of fashion products.