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Aisyah Khimar Niqab
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One Set Royal Mask Chain (2)
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Royal Mask Chain (2)
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Hauri Scarves's' Square Hijab, Ciput, Mukena, Pashmina & Scarf Collections Online

Hauri Scarves's' Square Hijab, Ciput, Mukena, Pashmina & Scarf Collections Online

Hijab is mandatory for Muslimah. However, hijab that was initially considered out of style, now no longer considered old-fashioned. Many designers started to design modern, simple and elegant hijab. So, Muslimah can still look fashionable. In fact, today’s modern hijab can be said to have become a trend in Indonesia. Hauri Scarfes is one brand that comes with a modern hijab design which is fresh and new. Hijab design which is carried by Hauri Scarfes is more modern, simple and elegant. Combine with your favorite clothes to create a great look. Well, before selecting which hijab fits you the most, Muslimah should know what is suitable for each face shape.

Not all hijab model fits your face. Muslim must understand that the use of proper hijab will affect the level of confidence when meeting family or friends. For you who have a round face, the Inner should be pulled to the upper side of your forehead. Hijab with loose material is very suitable for your rounded face because it can make the face look more beautiful. Choose hijab with loose materials to make the effect of a slimmer face. Wear hijab in line with the hair line and make a frame of your cheek bone area to make it look more oval.

Women with oval face is most suitable to use various hijab models because of the oval face is most symmetrical face. Want to use a bandana or hijab turkey? You choose it. However, the “volume hijab style” is very fitting for a Muslim with an oval face. Choose turban or “wraparound veil model” to look more stylish and pretty. As for the owner of a square face, don’t pull your hijab and showing your jawline, because it can make your jawline a focus point. Muslim women with a square face can use inner ninja or hijab hat inner. Frame the chin using a scarf and let the forehead slightly open to give effect more round or oval face.

Find collections of your favorite hijab in HIJUP.com! There are many collections of Hauri Scarfes that provides a variety of modern hijab with more simple, elegant and beautiful model. Still comfortable to wear at all times despite the hot weather, because of Hauri Scarfes modern hijab is made of cotton cool and absorb sweat. You can look simple and gorgeous without being too much. Muslimah who wear simple modern veil of the Scarfes will look very elegant. So, if you still want to look elegant, don’t forget to select a collections of Hauri Scarfes! Happy Shopping!

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Aisyah Khimar NiqabIDR 395,000
Vita StrapsIDR 65,000
One Set Royal Mask Chain (2)IDR 215,000
Royal Mask Chain (2)IDR 145,000
Queen Straps SilverIDR 135,000
Pearl Straps Vol. 4IDR 75,000
Pearl Straps Vol. 3IDR 65,000
Daily Instan Hijab Package Grey StoneIDR 100,000
Daily Instan Hijab PackageIDR 125,000
Prayer Set Travel Kit GreyIDR 350,000
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