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Nura Pants



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Zea Hoodie



Modern muslim fashion lately become a trend. It means that not only casual looks, muslimah also fall in love with modern muslim fashion looks. Muslim fashion always follow teenager style. The best innovation of muslim fashion can make muslimah fall in love with modern muslim fashion that looks more chic and beautiful.

Elhasbu is a new brand for modern fashion muslim that enliven the fashion world of muslimah since 2013. Elhasbu are owned by two sisters, Lulu Elhasbu and Nunu Elhasbu. With "Where the comfort bring your chic." Tagline, they are hoping that muslimah who wear Elhasbu collection will got a lovely chic looks.

The muslim fashion from Elhasbu are offering feminine edgy style. This models are really suitable for active muslimah with a many activities but still want to look catchy. Modern muslim fashion from Elhasbu collection can make muslimah's style looks more chic, feminine, and edgy in formal event. Let's be confident and show to the world that you are ready to make your day brighter than before with Elhasbu collection.

Wear Elhasbu’s hijab collection to accompany your formal and important event. Modern style from Elhasbu collection are really beautiful and suitable for any activities. Mix and match of beautiful colors from Elhasbu will make this modern muslim fashion collection perfect. There are many color such as pink fuschia, ocean blue, peach, etc. Will make you more elegant with modern muslim fashion collection from Elhasbu.

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HIJUP.com are the center of modern muslim fashion that always update the newest design from Elhasbu collection and another famous brand that offer their best collection. There are so many modern style models that muslimah can choose for their daily outfit. So, muslimah can always looks more beautiful, chic and elegant. What are you waiting for, Dear? Let’s pick your own style, grab your own style fast, don’t miss the discount and happy shopping, Dear!