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Sera Scarf




Hair is a crown for women, and hijab will be a best crown for muslimah. The development of hijab is becoming more rapid. There are many hijab for muslimah, so women has to be smart to choose the best veil and scarf to enhance their appearance. Deyn Scarf is a brand that produce headscarf that established by Rania Assegaf. This particular brand provides collections of pashmina hijab such as the instant hijab, assorted shawl and scarf. The entire collections of Deyn has a very original, simple and unique design.

Deyn scarf provides a wide range of instant hijab product that is very simple and elegant to wear in all condition. If you are too bored to mix and match pashmina or other scarf, try to discover your new style with instant hijab from Deyn scarf. Evidently, when other brands were trying to set up the veil with a variety of models, Deyn still notice small things that remain loyal to Muslim women who want to look simple without complicated with instant hijab.

Active and energetic women really need an instant hijab to support their activity. It is really easy to wear and require a short time to wear. It is very practical to use in a all events. Therefore, Deyn scarf can complete your personal appearance with the quality brand of instant hijab. Now, let's show to the world that you can look perfect only with Deyn scarf collection.

Not only instant hijab, Deyn scarf also provides a variety of products such as pashmina and shawl with a variety of models and best motifs that keep your personal looks more simple but still beautiful. The hijab products from Deyn scarf such as cashmere pashmina, is an exclusive collection with nice pattern and embroidery. Pashmina initially wore as a scarf. People usually wore pashmina as a accessories on the neck, the waist, or shoulder. Now, pashmina can be wore as a hijab.

Many models of pashmina usually used by muslimah who want to look trendy in various events, formal or informal. Are you the one who loves to collect instant hijab or pashmina? Discover yours now at HIJUP.com, the biggest fashion center of hijab fashion in Indonesia. HIJUP.com, as the fashion center of the most complete and best in Indonesia provide a wide range of hijab collections from Deyn scarf. All of collection from Deyn scarf are suitable for formal and informal events.

Wanna get a special offer from HIJUP.com? Find your favourite now from Deyn scarf collection and get a discount voucher! Discover the unique and limited hijab from Deyn scarf and get the discount now! Happy Shopping!