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(Defect) Yoenik Apparel Tally Crinkled Side Top Dusty M16093 R31S2

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Defect : ada noda di bagian bawah pakaian

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Ukuran: All Size/Free Size
Bahan: Lacost
Berat Produk: 0.177 Kg
Panjang: 52 Cm
Lingkar Pinggang: 94 Cm
Lingkar Dada: 110 Cm
Lingkar Leher: 20 Cm
Panjang Bahu - Lengan: 22 Cm
Perkiraan Berat Badan: 40 - 55 Kg
Perkiraan Tinggi Badan: 140 - 157 Cm
Note: Cocok untuk ukuran tubuh wanita asia
Weight (in gram, max. 6000, 3-4 Tops is approximately 1 kg):
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T**********************s - December 29, 2022 08:30
Review (Defect) Yoenik Apparel Tally Crinkled Side Top Dusty M16093 R31 S2 Blouse
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