Fabric Guide


  • Wrinkles easily

  • Soft, comfortable, absorbs sweat

  • Durable

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable

  • Use bleach only for white ones

  • Separate colors when washing to avoid color absorbing

  • Iron in high temperature



  • Cold, absorbs sweat and very comfortable to wear

  • Wrinkles easily, washing and ironing needs to be more careful

  • Stronger than cotton fiber

Care Instructions

  • Use soft detergent and soak in warm water



  • Water absorbent and thick so stains are hard to remove

  • Will shrink if not washed and dried properly

Care Instructions

  • Better washed with dry cleaning

  • Washing with washing machine must be set specifically for wool and should not be dried with dryer machine

  • Use warm water with a mixture of mild detergent if washing by hand

  • When ironing, set the iron specifically for wool

  • Store in dry place



  • Natural fabric made from silk cocoons

  • Very soft comfortable and shiny, gives off an elegant impression

  • Water absorbent and easily torn

Care Instructions

  • Better washed with dry cleaning

  • Avoid using enzymes or bleaches



  • Made from cotton rayon silk or synthetic fibers

  • Sometimes a bit hot to wear, but it gives off a charming and luxurious impression

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash with detergent carefully

  • Coat with other fabrics when ironing. Do not let the iron touches it directly



  • A sturdy fabric made of cotton twill

  • The texture is similar to carpet only thinner and smoother

Care Instructions

  • Separate from other fabrics before washing

  • Soak and wash using warm water to remove stains easily

  • Do not wash too often, wash after two times of use

  • Avoid direct sunlight when drying

  • Do not iron when it is still damp



  • Usually mixed with other fabrics in small amounts, which therefore retains most of the look and feel of the other fabrics

  • Not easily wrinkled, looks neat almost all the time

  • Elastic and comfortable for the body

Care Instructions

  • Better washed by hand and do not brush or squeeze it too strongly

  • Avoid direct sunlight when drying

  • Set moderate heat when ironing. Do not iron it too long or it will become too shiny



  • Made from knitted thread, tensile and elastic

Care Instructions

  • Wash in warm water using soft detergent

  • Avoid direct sunlight when drying, do not hang or fold in half or it will stretch

  • After drying, fold or roll it to store, do not hang it or it will change shape



  • Made from silk, rayon and nylon

  • Lightweight, rugged and has a dreamy texture like nets with small holes

  • Commonly used for dresses, veils and ballet costumes

  • Smooth, light, thin, floating, and easily torn

Care Instructions

  • Better washed with dry cleaning

  • Avoid using bleaches