Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What should I do if I want to return or exchange an item?

Unfortunately we do not accept any product return/exchange for international service. Please make sure your order fits (size, color, etc). In case of receiving the wrong order, please contact our customer service team at

Does have any kind of cooperation program such as reseller/dropship system?

Unfortunately, no. We are not cooperating with reseller/dropship systems right now.

How to be a HIJUP tenant?

Unfortunately, we are currently not receiving tenant application from abroad.

What is the difference between my address and shipping address?

Shipping address is the address you want the order to be shipped to. If you already filled in Personal Address on your HIJUP account, that address is your default shipping address. But if you want to ship your order anywhere else, you can edit the shipping address on the 'Shipping Details' form prompted to you every time you place a new order.

Does serve international orders?

Of course we do. We serve international order using EMS Pos Indonesia (Indonesian International Postal Service). Creating international orders are the same with domestic ones, but you need to choose "English" as your language choice prior to ordering. For further information regarding international services, please contact

My order has not arrived yet.

Make sure you have checked Shipping Duration and estimated delivery date in your Order Details sent to your email. If your order has not arrived by the estimated delivery date, please contact our Customer Service.