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Nowadays, women who wear hijab and are in lactation period can still look stylish. Yes, fashion style now is more varied. Whereas in the past, the women who use hijab tend to have a monotonous and rigid appearance, now with the development of the fashion world, women may appear more modern and stylish in a variety of occasions including when they are pregnant or nursing. The selection of fashion products for breastfeeding mothers do experience many developments in recent times, including breastfeeding mothers who also wore hijab. It certainly would be supportive of their appearance to be able to look fashionable and stylish even though they are in lactation period.

Many choices of women can make the breastfeeding mothers look cool and trendy. One of the choices is to wear the oversized shirt models. This model of button-down shirt has become one of the favorite choices of the breastfeeding mothers. The button-down dress can provide easy access for breastfeeding, especially when you are travelling somewhere with the children. In this case, you can choose a shirt with oversized models to present the impression of a more fashionable and stylish. You may choose shirt with polka-dot motif combined with a denim skirt and coupled with leather sling bag to support your appearance when you want to enjoy a relaxed trip to a mall with children and families.

In addition, you can also wear oversized blouse as an option to look trendy and stylish when you are on breastfeed period. Nowadays, you can find more options of blouse that support your look. You can choose oversized blouse that was designed with the access to breastfeed even without using buttons. You can combine this blouse with pencil jeans and simple hijab. The combination of these fashion items will make you look so stylish. You can find fashion for hijab that will support the appearance you even though you're during lactation.

To make your appearance becoming more and more modern and stylish, you can also wear belt. Belt will make you look slimmer and modern. In addition, you can also upgrade your appearance by using a vest to give a more stylish impression. You can find a wide selection of hijab collection products to support the appearance of breastfeeding mothers in