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Happa by Mel Ahyar's' Square Hijab, Blouse, Long Dress, Pants & Tunic Collections Online
Set for a new journey, two long-living bestfriends, Mel Ahyar and Andien, are ready to take the fashion sphere by storm. Mel, who is a proud young couturier, together with Andien, a renowned singer and fashion darling, decided to further develop their friendship by establishing HAPPA, a signature ready-to-wear brand that is not only eclectic, but also chic. HAPPA, which means 'half' or 'mixed culture', is both Mel and Andien's approach in fusing what is current in Asian fashion and also today's global trend. East meets West, the dynamic duo would like to show the world that fashion does not always have to be glamorous - it can be playful, contemporary, and whimsical at the same time. From extensive color palette to creative illustrations, HAPPA is essentially a blend of Mel's first-rate artistry and Andien's encyclopedic knowledge of fashion. Following their success as designer and muse, Mel Ahyar and Andien feels that HAPPA is not just another collaboration. It is their precious brainchild that they treasure the most. This is it. HAPPA. As undefined as Mel, and as unique as Andien.