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Muslim Hijab fashion is endless. As we know, the world of fashion grow fast and always follow the current trend of muslimah's needs. In fact, women who initially want to look fashionable sometimes look too excessive. Covering story is a solution for women who wants to change their hijab style and make it more perfect, simple, also elegant in every moment. Covering story take part as a muslim fashion brand that provides the latest hijab fashion model that will make muslimah appearance looks more trendy and chic.

Covering Story is a one of the most famous favourite modern Muslim fashion brand that provides a variety of muslim casual clothes design. The main material of casual mode from Covering Story is made from cotton, wool, knit, shantung, and spandex. Muslims love to wear pants, skirt or blouse with a unique piece. So, Covering Story presents a wide selection of pants that will make muslimah look more beautiful also chic everyday.

Covering Story collection will bring muslimah into the new world. Muslimah will spoiled by beautifull hijab, dress and many collection to make their appearance to be awesome. Try new pants and cullotes models from Covering Story, fashion trend of women who prioritize comfort. There are many pants that muslimah can pick, like jaydenn cullotes, kirean pants, also naviera playsuit. Don’t worry! The main material of pants, cullotes and playsuit from Covering Story Collection are made from material that is cool and comfort to wear. So, it is very comfortable to wear when go to play with friend like hangout or relax at home.

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Adjust your favourite style with a perfect color combination. Fit it out, make sure you are satisfied with your daily oufit. always give an update fashion muslim from famous brand like Covering Story. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to change your life with!